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Home »  Movie Reviews »  Kollywood Movie Reviews »  Kanthaswamy Movie Review
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Kanthaswamy Movie Review

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'Kanthaswamy' Movie Review

Cast:  Vikram, Shreya, Prabhu

Director: Susi Ganeshan


Music: Devi Sri Prasad



Movie starts with Kandhaswamy (Murugan) temple where a lady who is in need of 60 thousand rupees, writes her need in a piece of paper and ties it to temple tree. Next day she gets the money, but on suspect she gives it to near by police station. Police inspector takes that amount with him and goes for asleep. That night a man with "rooster" like face with wings drops to this place and attacks him and asks him to give back the money to the lady. On receiving the money the lady becomes very happy and things that Lord Kandhaswamy has fulfilled her request. This message spreads by word and mouth. Soon thousands of people begin to tie pieces of paper filled with their needs to the temple tree hoping that it will be fulfilled.

Vikram plays as a C.I.D officer Kandhaswamy, where he forms a team with his school friends and rides major businessmen who are having black money and fulfills needs of the people who ties papers to the temple tree with their needs.

One day he and his team plans for an IT ride in PPP's (bad guy) house, now PPP is a big shot in the city. With his intelligence he finds all PPP's secret documents. To avoid arrest PPP acts as if his left side of body is not functioning and escapes. Incidentally Shreya is his daughter and she comes to Chennai to see her father. Soon she finds that CBI officer Kandhaswamy is responsible for all this and she also tells her father, that he is the one who is helping the poor people with the name Kandhaswany. She decides to take revenge on him. She starts to act as if she is in love with him.

Mean while the government appoints a special police officer Prabhu to look into Kandhaswamy's temple mystery and to find out who is behind all this. He forms a separate team and starts his investigation and suspects Vikram. Vikram portrays himself as a man with a rooster face and wings, rescues people in danger with the help of his friends. He is no super hero, he performs all his stunts with the help of his friends and technology. But Vikram falls to the trap set by shreya and her father and confesses everything in front of camera to them. Her father now blackmails Vikram with this tape and asks for fifty percent share in the total money that he gets when he raids. Vikram has no other option than to agree.

As the movie progresses, Shreya finds out that her father is acting to her and starts to seriously love Vikram. He then visits Mexico with Shreya, as a guardian for PPP's black money savings. Vikram starts his secret investigation and finds that many businessmen from India have illegal savings at Mexico and he arrests the main person who is responsible for safe guarding all businessmen's black money and brings him to Chennai.

All of a sudden the villains kill the person captured from Mexico and this makes it difficult for Vikram and he starts hunting for proof to arrest the leading businessman who is assisting PPP. He finally finds all documents against that businessman, which he hides in this caravan on which he travels.

Since no proper evidence was found against Vikram he was released but transferred to Rajasthan, where in a temple he again notices papers tied to a tree with needs written on it. He opens one and smiles, with that the story ends.

My Review

1)    After watching this movie I seriously think that, Vikram has wasted three years of his career for this film.
2)    Story is nothing new and it resembles Ramana, gentlemen and shivaji and many more....
3)    Most funniest thing is Shreya finds out who is "Kandhaswamy" on her third scene itself while the police and villans are not able to do so..
4)    The story is very old and the screenplay poor. I think the director got confused as to how to end the story. Director should have     concentrated on his story and screenplay rather than giving importance to this character in the movie.
5)    Vadivelu comes here and there and tries out his comedy but I don't think he has succeeded in it.
6)    Shreya has been used as a glamour doll which she does perfectly but her dubbing voice didn't suit her and her lip movements in close up shots in songs are really pathetic, since its didn't sink with the song.
7)    Unnecessary dragging of climax with an item number. There was no proper ending for shreya's father character.
8) Vikram has done his part well one has to put 100% marks for him, though he looks a little older in second half of the film.


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